Would you like to know how to develop yourself but are not sure how to do it? Many people feel that they have latent ability that is just not used. This can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction at work. As a qualified and experienced coach, I can help you develop your skills, and that latent […]

Temporary Assistance and Ad Hoc Support

Cuijpers Consultancy can supply temporary support for you and your organization with projects, or temporary personnel to fill vacant but critical positions. For example, we have experience with: Carrying out interim work as a policy or legal advisor Writing crisis plans, disaster relief plans, scenarios and sub-plans Developing education programs, training programs and exercise programs […]


  Let Integrato bv en Cuijpers Consultancy BV support or guide you during (interim) evaluations! Integrato provides digital evaluation tools, support and invoicing. Cuijpers Consultancy is responsible for substantive advice and evaluation. Together they will map out strong points and weaknesses. The power of an external evaluator is to uncover the ‘blind spots’ and the […]

Crisisadvice 24/7

During a crisis or disaster, civil organizations often lack the knowledge and experience on how to respond effectively to the problems they face. Cuijpers Consultancy BV can provide immediate manpower support and assistance 24/7 in the event of any disaster or crisis within the Benelux countries. If you require ad hoc support during a live […]


Is there information that you always want to have at hand on your phone, if so, our sister company Integrato can help you. Even if the internet fails Integrato can provide a platform for your course app, crisis app, digital shop display and digital catalog. Your information is quick, easy, and inexpensive to distribute and […]

Media simulator

Do you want to train and practice as a crisis communication officer? Do you want to make even better environmental analyses? Do you want to practice communicating information as a press and public information officer? Our media simulator is the tool for you and your colleagues to train and practice! Our media simulator mimics the […]

Hurricanes in the Dutch Caribbean

Hurricanes in the Dutch Caribbean June marks the start of the hurricane season. A hurricane creates big problems, amongst other victims, communication issues, water problems and (large) damages to buildings. The Caribbean (unfortunately) experienced hurricanes in the past: both the threats and disastrous consequences. For example in 2017, when Sint Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius […]

Tsunami in the Dutch Caribbean

Tsunami in the Dutch Caribbean In Caribisch Nederland kunnen tsunami’s voorkomen. Het is duidelijk, een tsunami veroorzaakt grote problemen, waaronder slachtoffers, communicatieproblemen, drinkwaterproblemen en (grote) schade aan gebouwen. Ook kunnen de vitale infrastructuur en economie verstoord worden. De Caribische eilanden zijn vatbaar voor tsunami’s. De eilanden liggen in een actief aardbevingsgebied. Ook liggen de eilanden […]

Corporate training

Do you want to grow, learn and maximize your potential and ability? Our sister company Integrato can help! Integrato offers a variety of E-learning modules covering subjects such as time management, improved competence, and function-oriented topics or themes. All our modules combine relevant course material with many practical examples. You can follow the E-learning modules […]