Customer Complaints, Feeback and Dispute Resolution


Customer feedback

At Cuijpers Consultancy BV it is understood that we will carry out our assignments as diligently and effectively as possible. Customer feedback is an important part of our operation, it allows insight into customer expectations and enables us to better interrogate our performance in the marketplace. It is understood feedback can be positive or negative.

Because we think that feedback is very important, we have made an employee of our agency especially responsible for this.

Customer complaints procedures

However, in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied, we have an effective Customer Complaints arrangement. Our objective is to have zero customer complaints.

You as the customer are free to submit feedback about everything and everyone you are satisfied with, and those areas where you are not completely satisfied. We prefer that you do this first with the employee who helped you or with whom you worked. This usually fixes the issue.

If you are still not satisfied after this, you can submit a customer complaint in writing to:
Cuijpers Consultancy bv
T.a.v. Klachtenregistratie
Benjamin Franklinstraat 16
8013 NC Zwolle

Customer complaints procedures

As soon as we have received your complaint, we will acknowledge receipt within four weeks (Do you need four weeks to acknowledge receipt). In principle, we will aim to close out your complaint within eight weeks. If this is not possible, and the complaint requires more time to be investigated, you will be notified of the delay and the reason for it.
In order to adequately handle your response, we need at least five pieces of information:

1. Your name and (email) address
2. The telephone number where you can be reached during office hours
3. The date of your complaint
4. A detailed description of the complaint
Describe the situation(s) that you have seen or heard
5. Which solution do you expect from us?

Your complaint will remain confidential.

The confidentiality lapses if any statutory regulation obliges the person concerned to disclose or if the necessity for disclosure arises from his task in implementing the regulations.

We register and store your complaint and the method of handling it for a period of the set term, which is currently two years.

How will you be notified?

As soon as we can provide more information about the state of affairs, you will be notified by telephone and/or in writing. In our response, we will indicate which actions have been taken to resolve the issue you have identified. Or what steps we will take to achieve the most satisfactory result possible.

Third-Party resolution 

If we do not come to a satisfactory result, then you as a customer have the option to submit the dispute to the independent third party named below:

Mr. G.D. te Biesebeek, Dobbe 73, 8032 JX Zwolle

You can submit a written request for the appointment of an independent third party other than the one mentioned above. After receipt of such a request, an independent third-party for that specific complaint will be appointed in consultation.

The judgment of the above-mentioned or independent third party appointed at the request of the petitioner is binding.

Disputes arising between the parties as a result of a quotation, offer, (legal) act, agreement, and the like, to which these general terms and conditions apply or as a result of agreements arising therefrom, can be brought before the competent court in Zwolle, unless the law prescribes otherwise.