Hurricanes in the Dutch Caribbean

Hurricanes in the Dutch Caribbean

June marks the start of the hurricane season. A hurricane creates big problems, amongst other victims, communication issues, water problems and (large) damages to buildings.

The Caribbean (unfortunately) experienced hurricanes in the past: both the threats and disastrous consequences. For example in 2017, when Sint Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius had to deal with the consequences of the devastating hurricane Irma.

Let us guide you in becoming even more prepared for an (unhoped-for) hurricane

We offer a large range of activities:

• Education
• Training
• Exercise
Our trainings and exercises provide insight into learning points for employees and your crisis organisation.

We use scenario thinking in our education, training and exercises. Your crisis employees will work through scenarios, together with our teaching staff. For example:

• What are the possible consequences of a hurricane?
• What tasks do the emergency support functions (ESF) have during a hurricane?
• What is going on in the short- and long term after a hurricane (aftermath)?

Our activities are customised! In this way, your crisis employees practice in the most realistic way!

Did you know that Cuijpers Consultancy has an interactive and secure media simulator which stimulates reality even more?

Our sister company Integrato ensures:

• The contents of the media simulator, among others:

  • Website of your organisation
  • Websites of traditional (local) media
  • Social media
  • An operator to lead the training or exercise


• (Crisis)advice and (interim) activities

Our employees can (temporarily) strengthen your crisis teams, for example as a policy advisor. This can be done both on location and remotely (digitally). We can also support you in drawing up plans, such as an ABC-map or ABC-plan for hurricanes.

• Evaluations

Hit by an (unhoped-for) hurricane? Then our professionals can support you with an evaluation. We have extensive experience in evaluating crisis teams and incidents, also in the Dutch Caribbean. Cuijpers Consultancy is committed to avoid value judgements, and we work with feedforward: Learning from an incident so that future disaster response becomes even better.

Portfolio for crisis employees and/or teams

• What happened?
• What did the teams do?
• What are the learning opportunities?
• What will we do differently in the future?

Hurricanes in the Dutch Caribbean
Hurricanes in the Dutch Caribbean
“Hurricane practices are crucial in the preparation for an efficient hurricane disaster response.”
participant hurricane exercise Bonaire.